Finishing at the beginning

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Finishing at the beginning

PHIJEE and Sam Hitchcott Win the William Hill Ripon Horn Blower Conditions Stakes (Plus 10 Race) for trainer William Muir RIPON RACECOURSE 13th August 2016 Pic: Louise Pollard/

As we close the door on another season, the team started preparation for 2017 on the day after racing.
5am Sunday morning we welcomed onto the site a 4×4 auto jumble sale, once they were settled in we started our end of season renovations.
With our minds still full of the previous winters double flooding that saw the whole site under millions of gallons of water from the River Ure, we realised that aeration would be key this year so with this in mind we Verti-drained the whole track in the September break.
This took some of the pressure off as we needed to lower the height of grass from 3 ¾ inches to 1½ inches and remove the debris while also scarifying the whole track several times.

As usual weather and time available are the main pressures, the weather wasn’t overly kind but the equipment managed well and after three days of cutting/vacuuming/scarifying we achieved what we set out to do.
The remainder of the of the week was taken up with divot repair and disc over seeding, with the grass plant in quite a strong position after all of the work we even managed to get a deep tine slit in a couple of weeks later and with the weather on our side through November we managed another Verti-drain at the end of the month.

Now all that’s left is to keep vigilant for pests and diseases over the coming months, these can range in size from nematodes(0.1mm) up to geese(goose sized!?)
As usual I’m sure the weather will play it’s part over time and we can only hope that we get through the season and into an early warm Spring.

That’s all for now and remember WINTER IS COMING!

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