Guest Post : Free Horse Racing Betting Tips From an Expert

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Guest Post : Free Horse Racing Betting Tips From an Expert

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Far too often, the sport of horse racing is viewed only through the glasses of the gambling world. The reality is the gpsport of horse racing transcends gambling. The pageantry and beauty of watching horses compete is without rival. These beautiful animals love to run and are bred to run fast. Before anyone takes to betting on the horse, they will hopefully take the time to appreciate what they are experiencing from a visual standpoint.

With that said, horseracing exists because people love to bet on the ponies. It’s a game of strategy, investigation (handicapping) and learning to manage one’s funds in order to maximize profits. That’s what the game means to the serious horseplayer. At the other end of the spectrum is the novice horseplayer who simply enjoys going to the races, taking in the atmosphere and throwing down a few dollars for a chance cheer and earn a few dollars in return.

Here are a few free horse racing tips for people of all levels.

  1. Don’t Pay for Information – The horse racing industry is full of tipsters and touts who are more than willing to share their picks for a fee. The act of paying that fee assures the buyer they will be a loser before the races even start.
  1. Learn to Handicap the Races With a Form Guide – There is something very exciting and fulfilling about deciphering statistical information and trying to isolate a winner from a full field of horses. It’s takes time and money to learn how to use the Form Guide, but it’s time and money well spent, especially when the winners start coming a nice odds.
  2. Don’t Bet Every Race – Everyone has a limited bankroll. Instead of trying to spread that bankroll across a large selection of races, the punter should focus on identifying the races that have a horse that seems to have the best chance to win at the highest possible odds and making larger wagers on those races.
  1. Follow the Experts – If you do not wager at the track in person. You should know that most online sportsbooks and racing publications have a resident independent expert (handicapper), who is paid to provide free “racing tips today” for the benefit of its customers. While it’s not recommended to bet blindly on each of the expert’s picks, they can be used to help isolate horses that have a realistic chance of winning.
  1. Avoid Betting Favorites – Statistically, favorites win about 34% of the time. When they do win, the odds are going to be short, often times low enough to be considered an underlay. Consistently betting favorites is a losing proposition.
  1. Look for Betting Value – Punters can derive much more value by betting on horses that are overlaid. Example: There always seems to be a horse or two sitting at odds of between 4-1 and 7-1, which seems high in relation to the horse’s morning line odds and current form. If a horse looks like a real contender whose odds are higher than it should be, that might be an overlaid horse worth betting.
  1. Serious Punting versus Recreational Punting – Serious punters should focus on handicapping their own races and looking for winners with 75% of their bankroll placed on win wagers and the other 25% going towards high paying exotic wagers. Conversely, recreational punters should look for free horse racing tips, do a little handicapping and go for the gusto by wagering 75% of their bankroll on high paying exotics and the other 25% on win/place wagers.

One of the best horse racing tips today is to have fun and never bet more than one can afford to lose without causing undue financial issues.

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