Guest Post – Snooty Frox – Race trends 2017

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Guest Post – Snooty Frox – Race trends 2017

Picking a winner with Snooty Frox…

What to wear?  What’s the weather got in mind and what are all the other ladies in the party planning to wear?

Familiar questions to face before one of the most fabulous dates in the racing calendar – ladies day!

Take the stress out of choosing your outfit with the help of one of our assistants who will style you from head to toe. To embrace the best of summer, think florals, colours and lace. Ultimately, summer race day fashion is elegant, sophisticated and above all feminine.

Here are a few ideas that will make you feel like a winner…

  • Pastel hues and sherbet shades, from soft pinks, baby blues and lilacs they are all on trend this season.

  • Stand out from the crowd with an eye catching floral or print dress. Patterned dresses are a perennial favourite, so you will get lots of chances to wear them again and again!

  • Monochromatic dressing…..a sleek and sophisticated ‘one colour’ way to arrive at a polished look.
One of our favourites this season is this beautiful puff ball dress from Fely Campo, available in a number of colours, which looks stunning with a contrasting hatinator.

Accessorising is the perfect way to glamorise your outfit and give it personality. If you love stilettos but are conscious about damaging your heels, why not purchase a pair of ‘clean heels’ which slip onto the heels to add a protective layer. Alternatively, choose a block heel such as the orange Lucinda by Lisa Kay.

As for hats it is the perfect opportunity to be elaborate and imaginative. Try on a range of shapes and sizes and choose one that you feel comfortable in.  We would always recommend checking for any race day rules before you choose your outfit, as the more formal races, have strictly enforced dress codes.

So if you have a race day date on the calendar Snooty Frox of Harrogate are here to help. Give us a call on 01423 815320 or take a look at our website Happy racing ladies!

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